If you have ever seen someone stopped on the side of the Tualatin Highway with the hood up and streams of steam bellowing out of it, there’s a good chance it’s a problem with the radiator. The radiator is just one part of the cooling system in your car, which, even though it’s winter outside, still needs to function in order to keep your car running. However, when there’s a problem with this system, the radiator is actually not often the main problem. Here are seven common repairs that relate to the cooling system.

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  1. A Failed Thermostat: The thermostat is a valve that allows and controls how much coolant to flow into and out of the radiator. When the thermostat malfunctions, the valve won’t know how much coolant to let through and your car overheat quickly.
  2. Leaky Radiator Hoses: When a leak occurs in the system, it’s often in the hoses. The hoses connect the radiator to the engine and should be replaced by an experienced mechanic regularly.
  3. Air in the Cooling System: If air is trapped in the cooling system, it can keep the coolant from flowing efficiently. Have the system flushed if you notice your car is running hot.
  4. Radiator Leaks: When there is a leak in the radiator itself, these are harder to locate and repair. To find it, mechanics will look for bubbles or steam from the radiator. Leaks can be patched, but this can be challenging depending on the location.
  5. A Failed Water Pump: The water pump is what keeps the coolant moving through the system. Water travels through the radiator, past the pump, into the engine, and then back to the radiator. Without the pump working, the car will overheat.
  6. Cooling System Obstructions: Obstructions can be caused by bent fins or from damage from an accident. They reduce the efficiency of the system.
  7. Failed Radiator Fan: This fan keeps the car at a regular temperature when it’s idling or at low speeds. If your car is fine on the highway, but overheats in traffic, ask your mechanic about the radiator fan.

The radiator in your car needs to work regardless of the temperature outside, so if you are experiencing problems with your car overheating, contact the mechanics at NW AutoFix. We can assure a quick and affordable fix.