At NW AutoFix, we offer comprehensive vehicle maintenance and repair on all vehicles. We will perform the maintenance you need to ensure that your vehicle is kept in the best possible condition and keep you informed of your service and repair needs as they arise. Please feel free to contact our expert auto repair team to schedule an appointment. We will perform a general vehicle inspection of your car at no charge to you to evaluate your needs and discuss the best possible way to maintain and service your vehicle while still offering affordable prices.

Trustworthy Auto Care

Our trained and certified technicians treat your car as if it was their own. We offer complete services using premium factory-quality parts, and we are fully capable of performing all the necessary services to keep your factory warranty in effect.

Auto Parts

We can provide you with any available factory mechanical repair part you need. Our team is happy to install these parts right here at our shops, or you may purchase them for do-it-yourself projects. Call us today for your mechanical automotive parts needs.

Discounts & Coupons

We regularly offer many promotions and specials, and when possible, we will give you advanced notice of upcoming changes to our coupons to assist you in deciding the best time and way to maintain your vehicle. We want to make sure that you and your vehicle receive the best service available at an affordable price, and promotional discounts and coupons are just another way that we are able to provide exceptional service to our customers at a price that they can afford.

Automobile Services

Regular maintenance of your vehicle can minimize costly breakdowns and prolong the life of your car. Our automotive experts are here to assist you in properly maintaining the longevity of your automobile. We have a full team of qualified technicians to ensure that your vehicle gets the professional and specialized attention that you want and your car needs. We specialize in the repair of most Asian and Domestic automobiles.

Maintenance services available:

  • oil and filter changes
  • factory scheduled maintenance
  • tire rotation
  • Headlight aiming
  • transmission fluid service
  • windshield wipers
  • belts and hoses
  • battery change-over and charging
  • cooling system flush and exchange
  • look-up and provide technical service bulletins.

Engine, fuel systems, emissions and performance:

  • engine performance service diagnostics
  • standard and electronic ignition systems
  • fuel injection service and component analysis
  • emission controls
  • pattern failure analysis
  • fuel pump service
  • emission 4-gas analysis
  • fuel tank replacement and services
  • gas gauge and fuel tank sending unit service
  • throttle body repairs with clean and service
  • vacuum leaks diagnosed with smoke detection

Cooling system service and repairs:

  • Radiator repairs and cooling system pressure tests
  • new replacement radiators
  • water pump service
  • thermostats
  • freeze plug/expansion plug service
  • cylinder head gasket and cylinder head service
  • cooling system fluid flush
  • coolant exchange service
  • thermostatically controlled circuits
  • electrical repairs to dashboard monitoring lights and gauges

Air conditioning and heater service:

  • heater service
  • heater core replacement
  • heater hose service
  • thermostat
  • dash control components
  • automatic temperature control systems
  • ale evacuate and recharge service
  • evaperator, compressor, ale hose, condenser and receiver drier
  • We use the proper refrigerants that are designed for the vehicle

Engine mechanical repair and services:

  • engine replacement for gas engines
  • timing chain and timing belt service
  • valve work, valve grinding and cylinder head repairs
  • engine oil leaks: diagnose, clean and recommend repairs
  • internal gaskets

Charging and starting systems:

  • battery service
  • alternator replacement
  • drive belt replacement
  • starter assemblies, switches and cables

Electrical circuits, switches and electronics:

  • Computer controlled circuit repairs
  • power windows, power doors, power seats and power antennas
  • cruise controls
  • electrical shorts
  • dash gauges and related switch service
  • turn signals, flasher and headlight circuits
  • window wipers and washers

Transmission and clutch service:

  • transmission fluid service
  • automatic transaxle service
  • clutch and pressure plate service
  • hydraulic master cylinder and slave cylinder repairs
  • flywheel machining

Brake systems, axle service/replacement,
wheels and tires

  • brake replacement
  • brake calipers and wheel cylinders
  • master cylinder and brake bleeding
  • power brake booster
  • hydro-vac units (hydro-boost)
  • ABS diagnoses and repair
  • brake fluid flushing
  • emergency brake repairs
  • machine service (all types of drums and rotors)
  • wheel bearing replacement and repack
  • front and rear CV axle service and boot service
  • drive shaft service
  • suspension inspection and service
  • tire rotations
  • power steering repairs
  • power steering service

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